About Us

NMC is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty fasteners and custom molded products. They have more than 50 years of experience in supplying both standards and custom-molded plastic clamps and wire management devices for aircraft. NMC’s focus on innovation continuously puts creativity and technology to work, finding ways to improve our products.

NMC offers next-generation advanced materials and designs for aerospace applications offering 50% weight savings over metal fasteners, high temperature performance to 350°F, and excellent corrosion, chemical and vibration resistance. We provide in-house engineering and manufacturing for custom-designed solutions which offer reduced assembly and installation time.

NMC’s honeycomb panel fasteners offer a unique solution for manufacturers looking to reduce weight without sacrificing strength or performance. These composite panel fasteners offer:

  • Weight that’s a fraction of traditional metal panel fasteners.
  • Performance that matches or beats their metal counterparts
  • Corrosion resistance and heat resistance up to 350°F
  • High pull-out strength due to a strong bond between their materials and potting compounds

Our Swiftbond series uses a disposable fixture system with pressure-sensitive adhesive for fast and easy installation of bonded-on parts such as: cable-tie mounts, right-angle mounts, studs and standoffs.

The fixture holds the component in place while the adhesive cures and is then easily removed, leaving the final product bonded to the structure with minimal labor and no drilling.

Regardless of the challenge, NMC can engineer a cost effective solution for your aerospace clamping and wire management needs.